The fact of the matter is that your home improvement job will only be as good as your choice of contractors and handymen. They can help you quickly get through the most challenging renovation projects. Or even if you need to get done with small home repairs, chances are that you’ll need expert help for those as well.


However, selecting the right contractors and handymen is important; otherwise you’ll either end up with a botched up job or you’ll be overpaying for a mediocre job. A good contractor will not only perform high-quality work, but their fee will also be reasonable, and to top it off, they’ll be respectful of your home and you.


Once you have invited quotes from various contractors and it’s time to sort through them, here’s how you can go about ensuring that you make the right choice.


Study and Review Each Contractor before Hiring Them


Ask them about their experience and specializations, and request references for their past projects. Not only will an interview ensure that your contractor has the skills and experience, but it will also give you a feel what it will be like having them around your property and whether you’ll like working with them. And if for some reason you don’t feel comfortable with their answers, then it is time to move on to the next candidate.


This personal comfort is necessary because sometimes home improvement jobs can stretch on for many months; it can be difficult bearing with a person you simply don’t like.


Prepare an Iron-Clad Contract


Your chosen contractor/ handyman should be willing to detail the project in a written contract… even for a small job. Insist on clearly laying out all the job details, costs involved, payment methods and the timeline for the project. Also include details of possible cost overruns, lien release requirements and worker’s compensation/liability insurance. A clear-cut contract will help protect you in case the job isn’t performed as specified.


Agree On the Best Payment Method for Handyman Services


Make sure that their bid covers all the expenses for permits, finishing, building materials, fixtures, labor etc.


If they are asking for the 100% upfront payment, or if they’ll only provide their quotes after you pay them a fee, stay clear! If they want 50% of the bid upfront, then chances are they are in financial trouble or don’t have a good reputation with their suppliers. Or maybe they are just worried that you won’t pay them the rest when the work is done. In this case, a contract will provide safety for them as well. Remember, handymen of good repute wouldn’t ask for payment in full before the project is over.


Save Money and Reduce the Inherent Risks


If you are only looking for someone to replace fixtures, repair gutters, insulate your home or get the garbage disposal working, then it is a good idea to get yourself a handyman. They won’t cost as much as the experienced and specialized contractors, but still have the experience to get your jobs done efficiently.


Secondly, if you don’t want to reflect on the consequences of a worker injuring themselves while working in your home, then find out if they meet the minimum licensing or insurance requirements of your state before hiring them.


You’re ready to find a Contractor now!


So those are the basics of finding the best contractors and handymen for your job. Follow them and your chances of getting cheated out of your money will slim down considerably.



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