No matter how experienced or careful you are, it is less likely to discover all the flaws of a home before buying it. It is just like buying a car. It seems to run perfectly, but one week later, you end up hearing all kinds of noises. This is because you cannot pay attention to all these small details while driving it once or twice. When it comes to homes, you are naturally focused on the most expensive and problematic elements. Small flaws are often ignored. Sometimes, they are obvious, yet you know that they can be fixed for almost no money. In other cases, you risk needing some home repair contractors before you even move in. But what are the most common repairs you might bump into?

Squeaky floors

Squeaky floors are underlined by a defective subflooring. In other words, the subflooring is not properly mounted to the underground joists. Therefore, they make all kinds of funny noises when you step on them. In order to handle this issue, most specialists recommend installing extra anchors. Anchors come in several forms, but screws are the most popular ones. This way, the elements are properly connected one to another, so the movements become history. The subflooring needs to be exposed in order to address this issue. Therefore, you should consider this option while renovating the home. Otherwise, you will need to find local contractors for this job.

 Clogged drains

Clogged drains may not be obvious when you inspect the home and look for potential flaws. You turn the tap water on and you see it gone within seconds. It does not leak, so it looks perfect. But as you start taking showers or washing your hands later on, you will realize that the water goes down quite slowly. A drain is usually clogged with hair. Unless you manage to pull it out yourself, you might need to find local contractors and get help with this issue. Besides, there are situations when the drains are not clogged on the surface. Instead, they are clogged down the pipes. In such situations, doing it yourself is no longer an option.

 Stuck doors

 Doors tend to stick over long periods of time. The reasons are quite diversified. They might get stuck in a closed or opened position. Sometimes, this problem is caused by loose hinges and screws. In other cases, excessive humidity might be the answer too. When hinges are responsible for this problem, you can just tighten the screws on them. If the frame or door is swollen because of high levels of humidity, sanding might be the answer. The process can be time consuming and frustrating, hence the necessity of hiring someone with experience.

Stained ceilings

Stained ceilings underline two different problems. First, there is obviously a leak around the roof. Second, the ceiling is not too good looking. Before moving on with the ceiling, you have to ensure that the leakage has been fixed. Get a contractor to inspect the area and identify any potential sources of damage. Once the roof is complete, you can treat the ceiling with some primer. It is quite hard to find the perfect nuance though, since you obviously do not want to replace the respective stain with another one, even if it is in the same color. Therefore, most specialists choose to just repaint the entire ceiling for an even design.

 In conclusion, small reparations will always be part of a new homeowner’s life, whether it comes to small holes in the walls, noisy pipes, wobbly fans, weak flushes, clogged vents or cracked floors. A good contractor can help you get over each of them.

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