Curtains are a very important part of home decoration. This is mainly because they set the overall tone of a room. It is important to note that using curtains can be a very tricky affair. Many homeowners have problems figuring which type of curtains to use. This is mainly because curtains come in very many styles, colors, shapes and sizes. In case you are having problems decorating with curtains, you are in the right place.


Below are a few effective home decorating ideas/tips


Curtains in rooms:


It is important to note that curtains are capable of adding a major soft furnish in any room. They can therefore be used to tie rooms together or set tones for rooms. When curtains are used to set tones for rooms, they are picked before picking other elements in a room i.e. furniture. In such an instance, you should pick curtains, which echo the ambience and colors you want. For instance, if you want an airy light room, you should choose curtains made using soft colors and lightweight fabric. This will ensure they bring in a lot of natural light without compromising privacy.


In case you want curtains, which will tie your room together, you should consider curtains with textures that can be used in other room elements. Colors can also be used to tie rooms together when they are coordinated. Accessorizing curtains can also go a long way when you want to tie rooms together. You can include patterns, deep colors with curtain accessories to tie rooms perfectly.


Using curtains creatively


It is important to note that curtains can be used for decorative purposes in other places besides windows. You can simply use curtains in countless ways, especially if you have a pattern that doesn’t go well with your windows. Below are some excellent alternatives to consider when decorating with curtains.


1. Use curtains on bookshelves: You can make your bookshelf unique by adding a curtain as a door. You can even line bookshelf backs with curtain fabric to create a unique look. Curtains don’t have to be restricted to windows. You can go as far as covering pining different curtain colors on your bookshelf to achieve a unique arrangement.


2. Use curtains as valances: This is another excellent curtain use. In case you are bored of common bed valances you can get creative and use curtains as valances. You can choose to match them with your beddings or window curtains.


3. Use curtains, artwork: Curtains also double up perfectly as artwork. Curtain fabric is great for creating artwork such as canvas hangings, which are stretched over wooden frames. You can also use curtain fabric to make photo frames or photo matting. Curtain artwork is very unique yet cheap. Decorating your room/s with curtain artwork is therefore another perfect alternative.


4. Use curtains for cushions and upholstery: Lastly, you can use curtains for cushions and upholstery to create perfect room coordination. You just need to choose a good curtain fabric to make cushions, which can be used in the living room or bedrooms. You can go further and use leftover fabric on armchairs etc.




In summary, decorating with curtains shouldn’t be a daunting task if you consider the above tips. Do not be afraid to use your imagination. If you want to get the most unique looking rooms, you must consider decorating with curtains. Home improvement projects don’t have to be expensive or construction centered. There are very many good home design ideas to implement using curtains.



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