Even if you are not a professional designer, you can use various home design softwares in order to reorganize your home décor. There are many good options available on the market, some of them you can get even for free. We will present to you a few examples of design software.


The House Builder Wizard


The House Builder Wizard is an application that you can use for your interior design needs. The tool helps you to create a floor plan simple and easy. You do not need previous experience with home design softwares in order to take advantage of this user-friendly application. The only thing more difficult to navigate in this software is the camera. That can make it difficult to see your progress with building the floor plan model. However, the application is useful not only to design the home interior, but also the exterior, the plumbing planning, the electrical planning, and the entire property. It is a powerful software for home designer and we recommend you to give it a try. House Builder received good reviews online and positive feedback from users. It costs $99 and you can download it online


At the start menu the software gives you the possibility to choose between working on a template or just starting your design project from scratch. If you do not have experience using a design software, it is useful to work with a sample template. That allows you to get familiar with the possibilities of this powerful tool. You can edit the sample template and change the texture and color of anything within. The sample templates give you good suggestions for the design of your own home. Another useful tool is the cost estimator. This helps you to make a realistic budget for your home renovation project.


Punch Home and Landscape Design


Punch Home and Landscape Design is an application for interior design that allows you to visualize your 3D model in a multiple of ways, including dollhouse and aerial views. You can also simulate walk-through your virtual model. This tool also gives you the possibility for a QuickStart mode that allows you to skip several steps when building a floor plan. You will be able to design a home easily with Punch Home software. This tool includes all the features you need to make the design process simple and fast.


Punch Home & Landscape Design provide a large set of features to help you customize your home design and make it your own. Along with the ability to create your home’s floor plan, you can also customize the house’s exterior, interior and landscaping.


Punch Home offers you several options for viewing your project. You can choose to view your plan in 3D or 2D. You can also view the project in aerial or dollhouse views or have a walk through the virtual home. The software also provides good lighting simulation options for interior and exterior of your home, in order to get an idea how it would look at various times of the day.


The Punch Home design software is a useful tool for all your design needs. You can buy the application online for $99



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