Getting your home renovated is a tiresome and stressful job. And the most traumatic part of home renovations is finding the right contractors and handymen, finding the right people who provide relevant services, have extensive experience, and come highly recommended. Needless to say, the wrong contractor can turn the easiest of home improvement jobs into a nightmare for the homeowner. And high price is no guarantee of quality work!


There is a new way to find qualified contractors for your home renovation and improvement dilemmas. It’s called the reverse auction or service auction, letting homeowners find affordably priced contractors and giving them the ability to ask questions and see their qualifications before finalizing on services that suit them best.



How a Service Auction Works


A service auction is essentially an auction sale where the person with the “lowest bid” wins!

Homeowners post their project requirement online, on any of the reverse auction sites available on the internet. Builders read these details and compete for the job. The auction begins with a high asking price, and the bids are successively lowered until the homeowners/bidders call it to a halt by accepting the last price given by a contractor of their choice. It can also be a predetermined price, i.e. service vendor’s minimum acceptable price.


Home improvement service auction is a great way to help both the homeowner get a great deal that they wouldn’t otherwise, while the contractors also get to remain competitive and continue to provide their services.



Benefit of Listing a Home Improvement Project on Auction


A Reverse Auction for Home Improvement Services lets you, the homeowner, declare exactly how much you are willing to dish out to get your home renovated.


The many advantages of service auctions include:


• The reverse auction model is a prime source of jobs for contractors, putting them in direct access to your requirements.


• Homeowners can display their job requirements on multiple reverse action forums and get quick and timely response from serious contenders.


• Both contractors and homeowners can easily forego advertising costs and get directly to business, by viewing each other’s requirements and credentials.


• There is nothing worse than finding out that another contractor could have done a better job, for far less, once the job has started. Service auctions guarantee that this won’t happen with you.

 A reverse auction lets you find the best prices, quality services and committed contractors that provide the best value for your money!



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