There are four well-known categories of security systems in the market today:


Electric current hard wired System


Monitored System


Unmonitored system


Wireless system


Hard-Wired Electric Current Systems


This type of security system is popular among most new home developers. The wires of the system can be strung along the other wiring of the new house; this eliminates the extra job of slicing through existing walls and trying to fix wires through already sealed walls. The security system can incorporate: panic buttons, stress sensors, motion detectors and glass break sensors etc. The hard-wired electric current systems might either be monitored or unmonitored. Though its initial installation cost might be expensive; it is a reliable home security system as it can monitor all parts of a house. The system cannot be installed in an older house


Monitored System


This is a system that is professionally introduced by a security organization that works or specializes in one’s home security 24/7. It incorporates burglar alarms as well as can fire alarms and carbon monoxide locators. The alarm is usually linked with the security organization through a telephone line. The best thing with this type of security system is that it has 24/7 coverage. That means that the home remains guarded even when one is away.


There is a monthly charge which makes it expensive and in addition the phone line can be disconnected and it might also take a little bit of time for the police to arrive as the security company has to confirm whether it was a false alarm.


Unmonitored System


The unmonitored security systems work in a way that it simply sets off an alarm when somebody tries to break into a house. The principle design is to caution the owner of the house and the neighbors and also frighten away the burglar.


It is the cheapest security system as it is cheap and easy to install. It takes a long process as an extra person has to call the police after the alarm goes off.


Wireless System


The wireless system no wiring as it uses radio indicators, which can infiltrate walls, shrubs, and so on. This security system uses remote sensors, light electronic beams, camera and movement or motion detectors. It might be linked with a security organization or work unmonitored.This type of security system is easy to install and no wiring making it even cheaper. Its operational cost might be expensive, as it requires replacement of batteries. Electromagnetic waves can also interfere with the system.


Some of the companies offering the best home security systems include:


Front Point Security


It was awarded the best home security company. The company offers wireless security systems, which are supervised by Rapid Responses. The best offer from Front Point is their “30 day money back guarantee”. This means that if one is not satisfied with their products, one can return it with no restocking fees.


ADT Security


This has been in the business for the past 130 has a variety of services to offer. Its stay in the industry for that long proves that it is experienced and also reliable. It is also one of the companies that offer hands-free and two-way supervision a major advantage to its customers.


Protect America


This is like the mother to all wireless security systems. They have stood the test for the last 20 years with quality customer service. Many clients love it as it provides them a chance to choose the type of security system and also customize it. The best part is that its package has a lifetime warranty.


Other companies include


Life Shield Security


Vivint Security


Choosing the ideal home alarm system could be tiring, particularly, in the event that one does not have adequate information about security systems. There are a variety of security systems available in the market today with different features and the system chosen must offer extra protection to one’s home. Some of the tips to consider while selecting a home security system include:


Surveying ones House


One must review his/her house in terms of its location, is it located in a densely populated area or a scarcely populated area. Here he/she may choose to install an unmonitored security system.




Continuously select a home security organization that gives a guarantee on their items and products. At minimum a one-year guarantee is incredible since it offers one a sufficient time to find whether the item is flawed or not. One would doubtlessly need to look for the products of an organization that stands behind their guarantees and not essentially a company that installs a system and doesn’t listen carefully to the clients complains.


Checking the equipment one gets from a company


One should check to verify that he/she is getting the best possible product from the organization. Good security systems have the accompanying things:


– Motion detectors -siren -access contacts


-CCTV cameras -keypad -control panel


One should read other customers reviews


One must go through other customer reviews to know what other people think of the service offered. Review various websites and know whether the clients are satisfied with the services offered or not.


With the constant increase in burglary activities a good security system may cost more than $100 or more than $1000. The difference in cost may be due to:


Type of security system


Is the system wireless or hardwired or is it monitored or unmonitored.


Hardwired vs. Wireless Security Systems


As we saw earlier, hardwired security system is labor intensive, when installing it requires drilling of holes and wiring work. So it is obvious it will be expensive.


Wireless security system use wireless sensors that are linked to the control panel, which receives signals. Therefore, they are easy to install though they require constant battery replacements.


Monitored vs. Unmonitored


A monitored system will cost more as it has a monthly charge, whereas an unmonitored system depends on the people living in the neighborhood.


Home Alarm System Components


Another thing that determines the cost of a security system is the number of components required. These components (mentioned above) have different prices depending on their complexity.




Many experts charge their installation charge per hour whereas others have a fixed charge on each installation. Hardwired systems take less time to install as compared to wireless system so the wireless system will be expensive.

Other tips to keep one’s home safe include:

Refraining from updating everything on social media like, going for a vacation, these may act as loopholes for intruders to act

Observing good behaviors like locking the doors and the windows and also being careful on where one places his/her keys.



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