The kitchen is one of the first rooms that households choose to renovate when they decide to update their home. Whether it is painting the walls, changing a backsplash or replacing the island, remodeling a kitchen will always require you to make changes that will make your cooking place look aesthetically pleasing and fun to work on.


But who said a kitchen remodel project requires you to break the bank? If you’re planning a kitchen renovation in the upcoming holiday season, read on and take advantage of our best affordable kitchen remodeling trends in 2014.


Kitchen Remodel Designs -Latest Trends In The Market


The Open Concept Is Still Popular


Perhaps, one of the most fundamental kitchen design ideas has been the open concept.

In the past, kitchens were located at an area that was disconnected from other rooms, generally in the back of the home. But in the modern interiors, kitchens open up directly into the living space, and this trend is not going anywhere. In fact, appliance designers are coming up with innovative and creative ideas to blend appliances seamlessly into the family room. Using different concepts or finishes can make any open kitchen look like an integral part of the living room.


Neutral Colors Do Beat Bright Colors


Neutral palettes continue to dominate contemporary homes. Even though colorful painted kitchen cabinets are still a popular choice, most designers and homeowners still prefer painting them white. Whether it is arctic white or antique white, the homeowner just love the idea of having a kitchen that looks and feels bright. Sandy and gray tones are also popular. But if you’re inclined towards bold colors, you can always use them in small details, such as in throw pillows, back splash, rugs or lighting.


Bid Goodbye To Granite And Say Hello To Quartz


As far as kitchen countertops are concerned, factory-engineered quartz is the new trend popping up in the market. In fact, Quartz is the new Granite. While granite has been considered to be the most popular countertop material, quartz is starting to take over the business.


Quartz has the same feel and look as granite, but seems a more practical option. Quartz is more durable, resists cracking and chipping better than granite, and it is easy to clean due to non-porous property.


Quick And Economical Ways To Change The Design


Even if you’re low on budget and expensive trends do not suit your pocket, then follow the below given affordable trends to give instant boost to your kitchen. These small, yet effective changes will go a long way towards making you feel more uplifted and organized in your new kitchen.


Add/Change Lighting


If the current lighting in your kitchen is very dim, or you just don’t like the overhead fixture, it’s time to change it! Switching out an overhead light fixture doesn’t have to be super expensive. You can easily buy a good quality vintage light fixture for as low as $20. Don’t forget about putting some light under your cabinets to bring some dramatic changes in your kitchen.


Change Shelf-Liners And Add Rugs


When was the last time you got new shelf-liners? Laying down fresh pieces of non-stick liners will make you keep everything organized in your kitchen and clean the countertop as well so everything looks fresh and clean. There are numerous uses of non-slip liners and you can always use as many colors as you want to give your kitchen a boost.


Even if you have ugly laminate floors in your kitchen, putting down a 4′x6′ cotton rug will make a huge difference. Buy colorful floor and tile, rugs and place them at different corners of your kitchen. They’ll definitely make your kitchen look instantly young and happy.


Replace The Faucet


This is a very simple and straightforward method to upgrade your kitchen. Best part is that anyone can do it. You can find single-handle faucets for less than $80, and nice high arched faucet spouts for as low as $150. A small investment can instantly add value to your kitchen.


Kitchen Remodeling Considerations

As you start planning your kitchen remodel project, consider these factors:


● Size of the space


● Orientation of sunlight


● Connection of kitchen to adjacent rooms


● Homeowner’s lifestyle


● Budget


● Condition of the building


Lastly, it is advised to get in touch with a pro to ensure successful kitchen remodel, especially if you’re planning to change everything. A kitchen remodel is actually a big deal and thus should not be approached rashly. So before you start visiting a showroom, meet with a professional and seek advice on creating a cooking space you’ve always coveted.


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